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Saint Nicholas

Set near the village of Kakopetria, Saint Nicholas water comes from a rushing fresh spring at the base of the snowcapped mountains of Troodos.
The water passes through a thousand feet of volcanic soil to be enriched with natural minerals. Saint Nicholas water source was found to be at least 370 years old according to a research carried out by the National Center of Science Research "DEMOCRITOS" (Athens, Greece).
The Saint Nicholas water comes directly from a naturally occurring mineral spring using natural outlet. The water is bottled at source for distributed consumption ensuring a stable composition, according to the Natural Mineral Water Regulations and the EU Directive. The European Union officially certified Saint Nicholas a Natural Mineral Water.
The plant is equipped with state of the art machinery, to provide the highest possible quality to the brand. The remarkable purity of Saint Nicholas water is owed both to the location of the source, far from residential or polluted areas and to the bottling procedure of the water in environmentally friendly P.E.T. bottles produced on site prior to filling.

Saint Nicholas Water is available in the following packages:
PET Bottles 1.5L, 1L, 0,75L and 0.5L



Imported from Greece, Souroti water comes from a natural spring at the northern edges of the mount Kalavros, between Thessalonica and Chalkidiki brimming at the river of Anthemountas. The water is rich in bicarbonates, in beneficial minerals and trace elements.

Souroti Water is available in the following packages:

Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
Glass Bottle 250ml & 750ml 
Can 330ml

Lemon & Lime Flavoured Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
Glass Bottle 250ml
Can 330ml


YDOR- Carbonated Table Water

PET Bottle 500ml