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SWS Canned Food

SWS was established in 1954, sustaining its position as the island’s “national canners”. SWS offers a variety of canned fruits, canned vegetables and tomato products.

Products Available:
Canned Fruit Cocktail in syrup 410gr,
Canned Peaches in syrup 820gr,
Canned Pineapple Slices in syrup 565gr,
Canned Whole Button Mushrooms 425gr,
Canned Mushroom Slices 400gr,
Canned Sweet Corn 340gr,
Canned Tomato Puree 70gr,
Canned Tomato Paste 425gr, 850gr, 3100gr
Canned Peeled Tomatoes 400gr,
Canned Chopped Tomatoes 400gr,
Tomato Ketchup 495gr 5000gr,
Canned Tuna Chunks in Vegetable Oil 1.705gr



Trata is brand owned by KONVA a Greek canning company offering a high quality seafood famous for their nutritional value that meet the culinary preference of Greek customers.

Products Available:
Smoked Sardines in vegetable oil 100gr,
Sardines in tomato sauce or vegetable oil 100gr,
Sardines piquant in vegetable oil 100gr,
Anchovies with oregano in olive oil 100gr,
Marinated Anchovies 100gr,
Smoked Tuna 160gr,
Tuna in Water, Sunflower oil or Olive oil 80gr, 160gr,
Smoked fillet of Herring in vegetable oil 160gr,
Musky Piquant Octopus 100gr,
Musky Octopus in vegetable oil or wine 100gr


Part of KONVA a Greek seafood canning company. FLOKOS mackerel fillet comes from the open seas of Northern Atlantic, bringing the freshness and flavor of a highly nutritious fish to your table.

Products Available:
Smoked fillets of Mackerel 160gr,
Piquant fillets of Mackerel 160gr,
Fillets of Mackerel in tomato sauce 160gr