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Coffeeway’s success story began in 1994 with the opening of their first specialty coffee shop in Athens, which introduced consumers to flavoured coffees, single origin coffees, as well as unique and exceptional coffee blends. To this day, Coffeeway continues to create and offer the largest collection of flavoured coffees, providing a holistic consumer experience “from bean to cup”.

Filter coffee and espresso capsules available:

Blend Eleven 200gr
Morning Blend 200gr
City Blend 450gr
Vanilla – Caramel Decaf 200gr
Chocolate Strawberry 200gr
Salted Caramel 200gr
Cookies & Cream 200gr
Vanilla – Hazelnut 200gr
100% Arabica capsules (10+2)
Ristretto capsules (10+2)
Pure Water Decaf capsules (10+2)
Vanilla capsules (10+2)
Caramel capsules (10+2)
Hazelnut capsules (10+2)
Capsules fully compatible with Nespresso®* machines. *Trademark not related to CAFETEX SA.