KOPPARBERG Premium Cider

18 Dec 2015

KOPPARBERG, one of the most famous cider brands in the world, is as of today part of KEO’s portfolio. Kopparberg is a refreshing alcoholic drink traditionally made from the fermentation of fruit with the addition of the finest soft water, locally sourced in the town of Kopparberg, Sweden. It is traditionally produced form apples or pears with its range now extended to other exotic fruits creating a truly unique cider range. The purity of the water used allow the natural taste of the fruit to come through the cider intact. Kopparberg Cider is the best-selling Pear Cider in the world, while the rest of the flavours are listed in the leading fruit cider brands worldwide. KEO enriches its portfolio of quality products with KOPPARBERG Premium Cider and will supply the Cyprus market through its sales and distribution system with the product in bottles, cans and draught.